Performance Analysis

How the Club utilises Performance Analysis

The club deploy analysis from the U12’s age group to First-Team level in varying capacities to make best use of current resources available. All home matches & training sessions for the Development and Elite phase are analysed, whilst First Team is live coded. Support is also provided for Coach education and ensuring application of coaching philosophy is met through video analysis. Specialisation towards visualisation is also provided in terms of club best practise montages for collective age groups, individually & Coaches.

Development Phase (U12’s/U13’s/U14’s/U15’s/U16’s)
A greater emphasis is imposed on development of individual players. Post-match analysis is performed with the intention of identifying individual and collective performance factors to enhance development.

Elite Phase (Youth Team/U19’s)
Emphasis balances out in consideration of individual and collective development. Youth Team & U19’s receives live & post-match analysis reflective with working with younger aged players.

Focus driven towards performance and results. Pre (Team & Opposition), live & post-match analysis is performed to provide the best possible foundations to aid decision making and performance for the first- team coaching staff & players.

Performance Analysis
Sports Analysis is the science of observing, recording and actioning events during competition and training. Analysis within a sporting context consists of 5 disciplines.

Opposition Analysis
Assessing opposition weaknesses and strengths, trends in possession, in transition and out of possession to provide data & video evidence to support player & coaches opposition understanding.

Performance Analysis
Utilising systematic observations to enhance performance and improve decision making of players & coaches. This is predominantly delivered through means of data & video analysis.

Recruitment Analysis
Utilising data & video analysis to develop a rapour of players suitable to represent the club via philosophy i.e ability, attitude, motivation, ambitions.

Scouting Analysis
A combination of scouting and analyst disciplines in order to evaluate players with further reliability and validity.

Technique Analysis
Assessing biomechanical & Technical principles to identify breakdowns in technique and diagnose improvements necessary to enhance performance.

These disciplines concise of specialist roles which are employed by Clubs of all levels in order to enhance sporting performance.