Our BTEC Pathway

Our new BTEC – Degree pathway allows us to specialise in sports industry qualifications. By taking this approach it allows learners to explore the various avenues open to them across areas such as coaching, teaching, sports development, sports science, analysis, scouting and many more. Only by truly understanding what the sports industry can offer can learners find the best pathway for them as an individual.

The Level 3 qualification represents the core provision offering the equivalent to 3 A Levels and up to 168 UCAS points guaranteeing our learners a clear path into university should they wish to do so.


Studying seven units throughout the first academic year, learners can develop a wide range of skills that will help propel them into their desired pathway within sports.

Unit C1 – Developing Coaching Skills
Unit A – Careers in Sporting Active Leisure Industry
Unit 2 – Self- Employment in Sport and Physical Activity
Unit 1 – Sports Development
Unit B – Health and Well-Being
Unit 5 – Anatomy and Physiology in Sport
Unit 11 – Rules and Regulation


Year two will see two mandatory units delivered and we then select a further 4 units from 6 from the list below each year based on the makeup of each individual cohort:

Applied Coaching Skills – Mandatory
Research Project in Sport – Mandatory
Sports Psychology Nutrition for Physical Performance Fitness Testing
Sports Injuries
Fitness Training
Technical and Tactical Skills in Sport


The Level 2 qualification represents a safety net provision for those who may not achieve the entry requirements for Level 3 via their GCSE results. Level 2 is a one year top up programme which ensures a smooth progression onto Level 3.

We have found on many occasions that learners undertaking Level 2 thrive in the learning environment created as opposed to what they experienced at High School and go onto succeed not only at Level 3 but also go onto University. 

Within this academic year, our learners will be afforded the opportunity to enhance their level of knowledge within a variety of areas within sports.


Learners explore key areas such as sports coaching, sports analysis whilst developing key personal skills that will enhance their academic abilities as they progress onto Level 3:

Unit 1 – Fitness for Sport & Exercise
Unit 2 – Practical Sports Performance
Unit 3 – The Mind and Sports Performance
Unit 4 – Sports Performer in Action
Unit 5 – Training and Personal Fitness
Unit 6 – Leading Sports Activities
Unit 7 – Anatomy and Physiology for Sports Performance
Unit 8 – Promotion and Sponsorship in Sport
Unit 9 – Lifestyle and Well-Being
Unit 10 – Injuries and the Sports Performer
Unit 11 – Running a Sports Event
Unit 13 – Profiling Sports Performance

For more information on the above, please contact us and we will arrange for our Academy Director to speak to you.