One Player One Club

Since the return to football, Cefn Druids FC players have not only returned to academy football but also grassroots football. Over the past few weeks, we have been overwhelmed at the number of injuries some of our age group players have suffered playing grassroots and the impact on Cefn Druids FC Academy teams is that the player is not available to either train or play academy football. Some parents, who are aware of the injuries, expect our medical staff to provide the care needed for grassroots injuries.

In the past, we reached out to a number of grassroots clubs but, as yet, no one has shown any interest in working with us and assisting with player welfare. Therefore, we have made the decision to introduce a policy that has the players welfare placed first and foremost.

Foundation Phase
Age groups U8 to U11 can play grassroots football. However, with the best interest of the players’ welfare in mind, we ask parents and grassroots coaches to manage game time responsibly. Any injuries incurred away from the academy will not be addressed.

Youth Phase
Our Youth Phase teams U12 and U13 can play grassroots football. Any injuries incurred away from the academy will not be addressed. U14 to U16 players will be subject to the one player one club policy of UEFA and the FAW. We will not dual register a player unless we feel that the player will benefit from game time at grassroots level.

Performance Phase
The U19 and our Elite Development Squad will be strictly one player one club and in line with the latest UEFA and FAW ruling for this age group. It is important we prepare players at this age for 1st team football, therefore game time will be managed at the discretion of the coaches.

With long-term player development of in mind, we are working with individual players to identify suitable opportunities to play senior football with local clubs at Tier 4 level and therefore we will have the ability to dual register and or loan players who need game time at senior level. We are working with a number of local senior teams to establish mutually beneficial relationships. However, it should be remembered that the Cefn Druids FC Academy and the Player Pathway is the player’s priority.

Birth Bias
Birth Bias is a tendency to select players at the youngest ages who stand out due to physical stature. At Cefn Druids FC Academy, we want to maximise the learning and development opportunities of our players and encourage the use of skill and craft over physical dominance. Therefore, in line with UEFA and FA regulations, we will move players up one age group if they are capable of doing so. No player will be asked to play for an age group two years ahead of themselves.

Injury, Illness & Recovery
Any player injured whilst playing grassroots football, unsanctioned college or school games will not be treated by the clubs medical team. Any player that is treated by the club and seeks further medical attention from an alternative Physiotherapist/Therapist, will void the care given by Cefn Druids FC Academy and will not be seen again by our Sports Therapist.

We hope this clarifies the position of the club and those affected understand that we are aiming to provide the best coaching and development for players in the area. If you have any questions, we respectfully ask you to contact the age group players representative who will bring it to the Parents Forum meetings.