Druids Chairman Blasts Players Over Embarrassing Display

Last night I witnessed a display that made me feel ashamed, embarrassed and angry. A display that doesn’t fit into the philosophy of the club, the coaching staff or myself. It was so poor that I considered calling the Police and having some of those people arrested for masquerading as footballers and conning a living out of the club.

Most of the team we have are hardworking and decent. They don’t deserve to have teammates that are lazy, arrogant, unfit and unwilling to be part of the team. I watched as players that were assigned a role, refused to follow through and they just shrugged their shoulders. Players that did a lot of shouting when stood near the crowd but were quiet and walking through the game in the middle of the park. They need to read their contracts, they signed for the name on the front of the shirt not the name on the back.

I didn’t make the previous managerial appointments, but the one I have made didn’t work out and I have to say that despite his comments in the media, our former manager just wasn’t up to the job. I was advised against his appointment, but I thought I’d give him a chance and he fell short of both ability and professionalism. He resigned having realised that the players he brought in didn’t fit the playing philosophy we agreed at interview and excuses are just elaborate lies and I’m not into excuses.

Losing doesn’t hurt these freeloaders and they can’t look at their teammates or interim manager, Andy Turner, in the eye. They look at the ground knowing that they have let us down. Personally speaking, I would rather lose with players giving 100% for the club than players that think they’ll turn up and collect their money.

I want the players to take a long look at themselves this week. If they think that they are putting in the effort, they’re deluded. The players must understand that, as a team, the performance was unacceptable. As Chairman of the football club, I am totally embarrassed by what happened on the pitch. This club is not used to this type of performance, and I will not accept it.

This statement about our players may not sit well with some but the Cymru Premier League isn’t a popularity competition. It’s a result based industry and those that don’t have the mental fortitude to roll up their sleeves and sort the problem need to look for another career. Those that think they’ll get away with giving this club 50% effort but get paid 100% of their contract need to think again. I’m determined to put this right and any players coaches or staff that believe they are untouchable, think again.

I have already invested heavily in the club and on Friday night, I made additional funds available for Andy Turner (Interim Manager) to strengthen the coaching team immediately and new coaches will be onboard very soon. We are also combing the playing landscape for players to come in immediately to get fit and then sign in January.

I can accept failing to win but I cannot accept not trying our best to get the win.