COVID Protocol Update

In light of the recent FAW announcement and the new government protocols, several coaches and parents have requested that we make an official statement on what we are doing regarding training sessions and the new COVID protocols.

Owing to the uncertainty of the protocols from the government and the FAW, I took the decision to suspend the return to training. I felt that the health and wellbeing of the players and coaches was important and took the decision to wait until the schools returned. I was advised to look at the way the local schools were returning after the festive period and be mindful of a potential outbreak and the associated potential of coaches and players to self-isolate if required.

Schools are reopening this week, with a variety of Covid restrictions in place. The specific Covid measures in place vary across the nations.

In Wales, schools are getting an extra two days to make safety preparations. All Welsh schools are expected to be open by 10 January, with staggered start and finish times. Since all school staff and secondary school pupils, in Wales, are asked to take three lateral flow tests (LFTs) a week, we took the decision to mitigate the potential of an outbreak at the club by reducing the number of sessions and coaches. Hence the phased return to training.

Since we took that decision, Craig Couzens (U12s Coach) has asked me we can return sooner and put forward a few ideas to assist with the return to training. Therefore, we have brought the date forward to January 12th and only one session per week per age group. Each player MUST show proof of a negative LFT prior to training and or games taken within 48 hours of the training session or game. Any player that is unable to provide proof of a negative test will not be allowed to train or play. We will be asking our opponents to also provide the evidence of negative tests.

Can a child go to school if someone in their household has Covid?

Yes – if they don’t have any of the main Covid symptoms, under-18s don’t have to self-isolate if someone else in their household has Covid. However, if they are over five years old, they are strongly advised to take LFTs before leaving the house for at least seven days. Pupils could bring Covid into school, following family gatherings over Christmas and this could then affect the health and wellbeing of their teammates, coaches and other parents etc.

We want the players back training as soon as possible and playing games every week. Please be assured that we are doing all we can to make this happen but not to the detriment of the health and wellbeing of others.

If you’ve any questions, please visit the Gov.Wales website and seek clarification. Click HERE for the link