Core Values of Cefn Druids FC

Players will:
Have an excellent work ethic
Have a tenacity and intensity to learn and improve and a positive attitude towards their role within the team demonstrate a fitness level of the highest standard show a determination to be a winner. Be professional in the way they conduct themselves and always show respect and dedication with their commitment to the Club, their coach and team- mates

Coaches will:
Be professional in the way they conduct themselves which confers and earns respect and demonstrates integrity. Show dedication with their commitment to the Club and team. They will have the necessary qualifications to coach and undertake further training as required strive for excellence by setting, working towards and achieving the highest standards make training sessions fun and enjoyable, and always be accessible to answer questions and be accountable in what, how and why they operate as they do.

The Club will endeavour to improve good governance at all levels by: showing integrity through acting in a fair, consistent and transparent manner being accessible to answer questions about the Club. Showing respect to everyone involved with the Club and to support each person to their utmost in their endeavours. To being accountable about what, how and why it operates as it does; expecting all members to show dedication by making a commitment to the activities of the Club and being ‘service orientated’ ensuring that participants at the Club feel they get the best possible experience and good value for the time and money they have committed to Cefn Druids FC

To provide further competitiveness the Club will provide players and teams more opportunities to play competitive matches by arranging more training session games, arranging more friendly fixtures and providing ‘exchange’ visits, to include ‘playing’ opportunities to different clubs both in the UK and abroad.

To secure the prosperity of Cefn Druids FC, the Club will: endeavour to enhance the engagement of the fans and build further links within the community forging links with local schools and other clubs locally, in the UK and abroad. Provide local businesses with opportunities to advertise with various sponsorship deals and board advertisements and help organise a variety of fund-raising activities.