Club Statement

Following the announcement made by the FAW that the Cymru Premier League season has been terminated, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the clubs efforts this season. 

Firstly, we would like to thank the many volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes on behalf of the club throughout the year, without whom we could not survive. Your support, which often goes unannounced, is never unrecognised and or taken for granted. Paula Roberts and the stewards who help ensure gamely can go ahead, thank you. 

A massive thank you to our Chaplain Paul Day. You are a valued member of the Druids team and made a difference to the players and directors that cannot be spoken of. The ladies that work away in the cabin, you’re also our unsung heroes and we deeply appreciate your hard work and dedication too.

Behind the scenes is Julie Gildersleve. Constantly working away on all the club administration and making sure the club runs smoothly with the league. Thank you doesn’t quite cut it, but they are the only words we can find to show our appreciation.

Thank you to the loyal supporters, who follow both in person and on social media and provide huge support behind the scenes. 

Thank you to our many sponsors, who keep the club going through their financial support. Without their backing, we would not be able to compete at the top level of Welsh football. 

Thank you to all the academy coaching staff who have given their time and efforts to make the academy stronger. Next season is a big one for the academy and one that will put us on the map in terms of players development.

Thank you to Jayson Starkey, Dave Taylor, Lindsay Morris, Levi Challoner, Gavin Pritchard and everyone who puts on the Cefn Druids shirt and gives their all. 

Stuart Gelling now leaves the club and we would like to take the time to thank him for his hard work and efforts. Stuart stepped in at a difficult time and his experience and expertise have proved invaluable and his contribution is appreciated more than he’ll ever know. We hope and look forward to seeing him again at the club in the future.

Finally, Julie Kenmuir may no longer be with us in body but she lives long in our heart. Thank you Julie for all your efforts, warmth and dedication. 

As a Board of Directors, we realise that the club depends on volunteers to be successful and we are extremely grateful to everyone who helps. Over the coming weeks, we will be announcing the re-establishing of the sports and social club committee and an academy parents forum. So anyone that wishes to be a part of the Druids family can do so and be involved in our success.

Thank you again to everyone, we deeply appreciate you.