Chairman’s Report – Sept

No need to panic…..

Football fans of any football club will demand and expect results from the first kick off in preseason to the last kick in the final game of the season. The first ten games of the season are crucial and its during those first ten games, managers are under considerable pressure, and they must remain calm and confident and hope they have a chairman who backs them. 

Even if the team is doing well, the 10-game mark is still a good time to review where we are. It’s a good indicator of what the team has and doesn’t have. Where there is mounting pressure on a manager, it is important to stay calm, work with what you can affect and not what you can’t, such as the external criticism, which may or may not be justified. 

This season is different for us and it’s an edgy time for those are who are not quite in the groove. The speculation has started, the unhelpful social media comments and the silence from the clubs communications has caused an air of uncertainty about what’s going on.

The temperature is rising, or is it?

In the past, rumour and drama were the staple of the way the club operated, this is OK to a certain extent but with more fans having a voice through social media it can feel as if the world is against us. If the fans aim their comments at the chairman, this adds pressure to the manager, especially if the chairman has backed the managers plans, his recruitment without question and provided a playing budget that matches that of a mid-table Tier One side. A chairman that’s allowed the footballing people to get on with the football without any interference.

The pressure cooker isn’t boiling just yet, but the temperature is rising. When you look at the bigger picture there are factors that mitigate the results, for now. 

Long term injuries to key players have dented the squad numbers but the emergence of our academy players into the first team, as planned and forecast two years ago, is a relief but we can’t rely on them for the whole season. 

Off the pitch, the club is on solid ground and as healthy as any club in Wales could be.

The time to panic hasn’t started yet, we must remain calm focused and support the manager, his coaching staff and players.