Chairman’s Report – May 2020

Well, that’s it. The 2019/20 season is well and truly over and the FAW and League have confirmed how the season will be resolved and what will happen next season.

We have done well to finish the season in the manner we have and that’s a huge testament to the players, coaches and volunteers. The club has been through a huge upheaval internally and the changes have been painful for some and they’ve taken to voicing their opinions.

The challenges ahead are many and the change of coaching and player personnel is nothing compared to the need to change the culture of the club. We are a business that serves the players and not the few that think they are entitled to respect because they were one of the founding members of the club in 1872.

The need for a change of the culture from within is more painful for me than anyone could imagine. There are some wonderful people within the club and I sincerely hope they stay and help the club. There are a few that want to see the club remain in substantial debt and cease to exist and all I can say is stand back and watch.

Next season will be a massive rebuild of the playing squad but the COVID pandemic will make it extremely difficult. We are still looking for the right head coach to lead the club forward and I hope to conclude the search in the coming weeks.

The clubs debts are being cleared and we are starting to see the wood for the trees. We hope to clear the outstanding invoices by the start of the coming season and start afresh.

The academy structure is being redesigned and improved so that every player gets the chance to play, train and develop equally. No longer will we release a player unless the coaches have exhausted every opportunity to improve the player. Next season sees the introduction of U13 and U15 teams and this will give more players the chance to play.
Our support has been fantastic to our supporters, I say it was great to see so many of you. I know the players welcome your tremendous support and hope we are able to count on you again next season.

To all of our sponsors, I say a massive thank you for showing your support and commitment to us, It gives us all a boost to know we have the support of such major companies and local employers backing and investing in us.

Our Volunteers WOW !!

As Chairman I am privileged to have such a fantastic group of hard-working people responsible for outstanding work throughout the season, always with the aim of providing a welcoming first-class service to everyone who uses our facility and always looking at ways to improve and move the club forward to “strive to be better”. To you all, you make me so proud of our club and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We do not yet know the full effect of COVID 19 on the club. Of course, we have already lost significant revenue and this will have a huge impact on our plans. Currently the club has absolutely no income and I estimate we are losing £3,000 per week on top of the huge debts we have already.

Whilst the club is extremely well placed to ride the operational implications of COVID19 when we all get back to business as normal the Committee and Directors will need to re-evaluate where we allocate monies, where we spend money as well as review our priorities. We know we will have to make some difficult decisions and slow down our development priorities.

Please STAY SAFE, KEEP WELL and hope to see and hear from you during next season.