Chairmans Report – March

We began March 2023 with the announcement that Gresford Athletic FC will be ground sharing with us, and I’m delighted to welcome them. A chance meeting in a local sportwear shop, a brief chat about the state of the game and the next thing you know, they’re here!

Despite being at the same venue, trust me when I say that the competitive instincts of both teams have already kicked in and there will be a few intense games ahead. We’ve also got Llangollen Town FC training at The Rock and those that know me will know I have a soft spot for the club, officials and players. It’s amazing what a cup of tea and a burger at halftime can lead too on a cold winter afternoon.

Wrexham Schools have had a couple of games at The Rock and were well attended and it was great to see some of our players representing Wrexham Schools.

There will be a few raised eyebrows and negative comments about the Gresford deal and think that I’ve turned my back on a local team, that’s far from the truth. I’ve exchanged emails, they arranged a meeting and didn’t show up and all I’ve asked for was an apology and they can’t do it. A simple apology would have seen them here, playing for free and having the support to get promotion and play in the Cymru North.

We’ve moved away from the traditional man-manager role to a more inclusive, all-round role that’s coaching focused and about stats and success rather than inclusivity and non-competitive. Matthew Harris has been tremendous and he’s made several changes to teams that have proved a success immediately.

It seems that I’m always whining about the academy, I’m not I’m just upset about the way the powers that be treat academies and those that strive to improve standards. Funding for the academy has been cut by 50% this season and the inability of the FAW to follow their own guidelines has meant that the club has had to front-load the cost of the academy since 2020. I was happy to invest in the academy until recently and I fully endorsed the FAW’s new guidelines for academies, fully supported their outlook for the future but I can’t agree with the way they have started the roll out, implemented and managed the whole process.

Still, we need move on, as does the game, and we will have to adapt the best we can. As the season ends, we hope to have the transfer ban sorted and the fines paid. It’s a valuable lesson that I’ve learnt and one that will never be repeated.

Let the March Madness begin!