Chairmans Report – July

Ask anyone that’s doing the role and they’ll tell you, being a football chairman feels like you’re on a hiding to nothing at times.

There’s very little praise achieved for the enormous efforts that go in to running a football club. Unfortunately, fans can be a very demanding bunch and therefore it is a near impossible task to keep everybody happy and content. The role of the chairman has changed from the old days of being a ceremonial title and its now a more challenging role which is largely down to the changing face of football.

Welsh football is changing and becoming a business and subsequently the demographics of the game are changing. It was easy running and funding a club, however it has now become an expensive outing, especially when you include the needs of the league, referees, stadium and training costs that go with it.

Football clubs need to generate huge revenues to compete. In Wales, there’s not a marketplace full of potential investors willing to invest in a football club there just isn’t the fanbase to sustain that type of income in the welsh game. Therefore, football clubs need to look at all revenue streams and maximise the fanbase, local businesses and social media.

We have embarked on a change of culture and a revamp of the club that sees us maintain and bolster rather than lose the tradition and efforts of the past.

Chairman are the driving force of any club and we are no different. We are heading into the modern age of football in Wales and embracing the changes with open arms. Those changes will include our operational model, the academy, coaching philosophy and community reach both online and in the public domain. Our YouTube channel will be updated weekly and more podcasts from the manager, coaches and Directors are planned so that we can reach and inform fans of the behind the scenes actions.

All that matters, to most fans, is the result on a Saturday afternoon. For me as the chairman, all that matters are the results, the development of academy and the sustainability of the club.