Chairmans Report – January

We leave 2022 behind with a resounding win, a great winning streak and the Cymru League North Manager of the Month at the helm. We go into the January transfer window looking to add players that can, and will, bring more success but we aren’t in any rush to bolster number for the sake of it.

Being asked by the FAW to hold the Nathaniel MG Cup Final was a surprise but one that was welcomed. This is what The Rock Stadium was made for and I’m sure there’s more to come soon.

Whilst I mention the FAW, their help, guidance and expertise has been invaluable over the past four months. I’ve been vocal about their shortcomings in the past, and I will continue to do so in the future, but now is the time for me to stand up and say a massive thank you. I look forward to embarking on the new era in the game now, I understand the path they are travelling down and the pitfalls in front of them and it’s this working together for the benefit for the players that fills me with optimism.

The committee of NEWFA also have been superb and have my thanks. Grassroots football is a difficult place to be and they have provided us with assistance and guidance and support for our games.

Our Elite Development Squad (EDS) is now a full time entity and will evolve and change in the coming weeks as we adapt to the changes within the FAW Academies structure. Behind the scenes, the BTEC and degree students are starting their registration process and our working partnerships with ASJ, University Centre of Sport, Liverpool John Moores University and The Football College have been a breath of fresh air. It allows us to be the football club to which we aspire to be, it gives us the expertise and ability to deliver on the promises made. To develop players from within.

The academy situation is improving daily. It looked, to the outside world, that we’re a shambles and we were. I can assure you we’re not any longer. However, the buck stops with me and it’s something that I have started to correct. Our new Technical Director has been on a mission to put into place the system that should have been in place since August. 

During January and February, we will start to roll out the structure to the players and parents and start to make sense of the issues we’ve had in implementing them. The introduction of Team Managers and Helpers will also play a vital role in helping teams be more organised and allow the parents to see the hard work that goes into running an age group.

On the personnel front, the search for more Directors who have the time and energy to help push this wonderful club forward continues. If you have the drive, we have the vehicle. We are still looking for Parents Reps for some age groups and anyone interested can contact Matthew Harris for more details. 

I think 2023 will be a very good year.