Chairman’s Report – January 2021

As the COVID pandemic bites into the heart of the league, the club is finding it hard to survive with the lack of income from sponsors, match days and or any help from the FAW and league.

Over the past few months, a small minded group of “fans” have subjected me to a torrent of abuse, name calling and a social media campaign that borders on a hate crime. For what reason?

All I’ve done is pay off the debts some of them incurred and run away from.

When I came into the club, we had an overdraft of £5,000 and known debts of £80,000. The unknown debt has been found to be a lot more plus we are losing £5,000 per week and have no source of income. Yet these so-called fans think its OK to abuse some of the coaches that work tirelessly for the academy, the senior management team that are putting together a squad of players who are all working hard on the training pitch.

Our players train three days week and being asked to play three games a week as well as holding down full time jobs. Do these mindless few really think they could do the same? No, in fact it is these mindless few that were the ones that drove the club into debt and ran away.

The start of the season was torrid for the club and the players but we are slowly getting to grips with the new playing philosophy, coaching style and I think the players will finish the season strongly.

A review of the current COVID restrictions is due and in the meantime the Druids will have to manage without that much needed gate money or revenue. The fans will have to watch the highlights on TV or via social media when screened.

Financially, the club is secure right now and we have a plan in place to ensure that the club will not need to borrow cash to survive or lend against its assets.

The academy programme has been troubled with games being held sporadically but we live in hope that we will be able to resume games for the players very shortly. In the event the academy season is cancelled, we have a plan to keep them playing in some form.

We have a club shop but no kit to sell owing to supplier shortages and the inability to open the shop to the public.

I’d like to thank the players, coaches of the first team and everyone involved with the academy, players, parents, coaches, family and friends for their continued support and kindness. We will get through this together.