Chairmans Report – August 2022

The club has endured a tough time over the past two years, but I sincerely believe that, in Neil Ashton, we have a superb and highly motivated young manager that shares our passion for the club. No one saw his appointment coming and it surprised 99% of the supporters, but it’s the perfect fit for the club and one that Neil and I both wanted, and have spoken about, for some time.

I believe we are heading in the right direction off the field and with Neil’s professionalism, things will improve on it. There have been vocal critics of our performances, and deservedly so, and I sincerely hope that those voices are at the same fever pitch, supporting Neil and the players this season.

The academy has been the shining light within the club and has seen a great deal of turmoil but also a great deal of success. A complete change of coaching personnel brings fresh ideas and momentum to the club and the atmosphere is the best at the club during my time as a sponsor and Chairman.

As the academy moves forward in it’s new guise, the club also moves forward and now we’re on a sound financial footing and have stability in the personnel ranks, I think the time for the Druids to re-establish itself as a leading club in Wales has started.

I look forward to the coming season.