Chairman’s Report – August 2020

The pandemic has been a bigger event than anyone could have predicted, and it seems wrong to discuss football whilst people are losing their lives. However, we must push on and work towards football restarting in the coming months to help with our mental health and wellbeing.

Behind the scenes, the revamp of the clubhouse is almost complete, and the final touches involve the soft furnishing and cinema area. Some will say that we’ve lost the club house as a function room but, based on the financial figures provided, we’ve saved money and made the club house more fan-friendly and accessible.

I’m happy that we were able to retain the core of last season’s squad and sad that we lost a couple of players due to the uncertainty of the league, the financial uncertainty of the club and better offers elsewhere. I wish them all the best and will look forward to them returning when we kick off the season.

Our new head coach will be in place for the start of the season, whenever that is, and he is fully onboard with our new playing philosophy and desire to get into the top six on a regular basis.

The academy restructure is almost complete and the new ethos and EPPP plan will be worked on over the coming months. We lost a few coaches due to licencing issues and or time commitments and I wish them all the absolute best for the future and thank them for everything they’ve done for the players and the club in the past. I’d like to welcome the new coaches that have joined us, and I look forward to watching their games when the academy season resumes.