Academy Matchday Report

Some great matches for our academy sides over the weekend against Colwyn Bay. Lots of development and progress continuing to show from the lads which was great to see!

Foundation Phase

The young druids were excited to get back to playing matches as our u9s, 10s and 11s faced off against Colwyn Bay. All our teams showed some excellent play and great enjoyment on a Saturday morning at The Rock. Our u9s team had an extremely competitive game which saw a tight match with Colwyn Bay winning 7-6. Our u10s faced off against a very talented team which saw Colwyn Bay win 7-1. Our u11s showed some great determination to keep going as they lost 7-1. Even though the games were extremely tight but unfortunate, it didn’t stop the young druids players from having fun, developing their skills and getting to play the beautiful game on a Saturday morning.


A brilliant 5-1 win for Druids as they played some exceptional football. We didn’t give Colwyn Bay much time to get the ball up the pitch because we pressed on their first touch. As well as this, when we went forward attacking, we moved the ball quickly not giving them the chance to intercept the ball and catch us on a counterattack, we played as a team, and we communicated with each other. The boys can hold their heads high they all played brilliantly.


Back to back league wins and 3 wins on the bounce for Druids. It was a well deserved win as the hard work is paying off. Druids had a decent first half performance going in front within the first 13mins and looked in control, but Colwyn Bay fought back and scored a phenomenal goal to make it 1-1 going into the half. We had room to improve, especially out of possession. We amended this in the second half; closing our distances, counter pressing with intensity and pinning them back to completely control the game. We had our opponents boxed into there own half which resulted in the druids making it 2-1 in the second half. A bit more composure in their box and we could have won the game by 3/4 goals. Well done boys and keep up the amazing run.


It was a great performance from all the lads as they played as a team and didn’t give Colwyn Bay any time on the ball at all! Druids exploited Bay’s high line as they were able to score and control the game to see out an impressive 6-0 win. That comes from everyone working for each other, putting a shift in and battling throughout. From the goalkeeper to the front line, every man was communicating and working hard. When we do that we get results. Progress is shining through and puts the druids in a good position going into the next game. Well done all.

Overall some great fixtures for all our young sides. The lads continue to improve and progress each week which has been great to see. We look forward to our next set of fixtures soon!

More than just a football club.